By building your bench and virtual bench.  I know your are confused by this comment but follow along a bit.

I’ve been working with a client who is in the restaurant business, and we were working on accountability.  Their GM’s were having difficulty holding some of their front line staff to some of the basic things they need to be held accountable for:  being on time, being hospitable with customers,  working together.  Basic “get to keep your job” items.

In the discussion, when asked why he didn’t do the obvious and allowed poor performance in these basic accountabilites, one GM said, “because if I do, I’ll get stuck washing the dishes.”

When probed further, he admitted he felt this way because he was afraid the person would quit and he would be stuck in the kitchen up to his elbows in pots and pans.  Not that thought washing pots was beneath him, (if you are good restaurant manager, you regularly help out with this) but that he had no other option because he didn’t have readily available replacements.  So he was hesitant to act and this hesitation hurt morale and so many other things.

I asked,”What would give you the courage to act in such situations.”  “Having five applicants in line to fill the job or other jobs in the store, that would do it.”

That, my friends is a virtual bench, a concept that many who TopGrade underestimate the importance.

Having a strong bench and a strong virtual bench creates courage, the courage to hold people accountable to your core values and purpose of your company.

Creating both makes everything easier.  And this GM is building his bench and virtual bench and now has the courage to hold people accountable for living the values of the company.