….that gets in the way.  Of Strategic Thinking and Execution Planning.

Do it anyway

“I don’t have the right people in place to have  the session.”   My response?  So what.  Do it anyway. They’ll step up or you’ll know who to ask to step out.  And you’ll have a plan to TopGrade the team.

“There’s a purchase I need to make first.”  My response? So what.  Do it anyway.  Fit the purchase in to the plan and make sure it works.

“I have to get some things under control first”  My response?  Do you really think you are ever truly in control?  Do the planning, it will help you stay on top of chaos instead of being so reactive.”

“I have so many projects with customers right now, I don’t have time to give planning any attention.”  My response?  Make the time.  Do it anyway.  Part of the planning process is to figure out how to handle the chaos in that situation and make sure they get done.

“My team doesn’t think we need this.”  My response?  Your team will never say they need it.  Schedule the session and insist on it.  It will make them better.  And afterwards they will have never been so engaged in moving your organization forward.

“I can’t afford it.”  My response?  You can’t not afford it if you want to keep the growth trajectory going.  Growth increases complexity, whether you accept it or not. Planning makes execution simpler and creates focus on collaboration, extending the talents of your team, getting more out of them willingly. Schedule the session.  Do it anyway.

“I don’t want to lose control.”  My response?  See my response to the third scenario. Do it anyway.

Here’s an easy way to “Do it Anyway” or “Schedule the Session”

The Memphis Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Workshop on November 7th. 

Put in on the schedule (register your team), insist that they go.  All the planning on the planning session is done.