To Sell Is Human…. and none of them are yours. They all belong to the customer.

The first decision of the customer is to decide if he/she needs to talk to you. He/she no longer needs your help with this. He/she can determine if you need to meet by going to the web and researching you and your abilities.

The second decision the customer has to make is to decide if he/she has a problem or an opportunity that is valuable enough to act on. You have to help them discover the problem or opportunity.

The third decision the customer has to make is about how he/she will make  the best decision for acting on the problem or opportunity. Deciding on the decision making process. You don’t decide this, you have to find it out or guide them to it.

Finally, the customer decides to use you or not. He or she closes you, you don’t chose them.

It’s a new sales world from just a few years ago.

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