To be sure, strategy is a creative process.  Yet it requires discipline to execute it.

Set aside significant uninterrupted time for the team to “create” a comprehensive strategy for the upcoming year.  Argue, fight, create then commit.

Execute the commitment in 90 day segments, and then have another strategy session to update the strategy, and set the next 90 days.

Execute each ninety day segment through weekly meeting to set each week, daily huddles to re-set each day to the week.  Hold monthly meetings to evaluate progress and make adjustments to ensure execution occurs no matter what.  Go back to the weekly and daily rhythm.

This ties strategy (the creative fun task) to execution.

Meeting Rhythm makes it happen.

Set aside a day to start the strategy process.  November 7th is a good day for this.  You’ll create most of your plan and also learn how to execute it.

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