…it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that the Sales Team and Sales Manager are very good at selling or managing the sales process.  It’s the first place leaders of organizations try to change.

And they should look into it.  Sales people can get in ruts and get complacent.  They always need to work on getting better.  Investing in better sales people or improving sales people is usually a good investment.

However, there are two other areas that need to be looked at.  The business model and the brand promise.

It just as good a chance that either of these two items are broken.

The business model might not be delivering enough perceived value. Someone else’s business model could be providing more value.  If so you need to fix the model.

The brand promise might not be compelling enough.  The messaging of your brand is sending the wrong message.

I know of what I speak.  I have suffered from each one of the maladies on different occasions.

Most organizations do to0.