Brand Promise goes by different names as well: Value Proposition, Brand Message, Unique Selling Proposition.

The most common mistake companies make is that they take all their features and benefits and turn them into their Brand Promise.  Avoid this trap (but don’t get rid of your features and benefits, just don’t include them in the brand promise.

Unlike the Core Purpose which is built on company attributes and motivates your team, the Brand Promise is built on customer attributes and motivates the customer to buy.

First step is to identify your key customer segments, the customers that will buy at higher margin and value to you.  Define the challenges and opportunities they face each and every day, even the ones not directly related to what you sell.  And companies are not customers.  People are.  Define habits and behaviors of the people making the decisions to buy what you offer.

Identify a lead promise– a promise you can make that addresses their main needs that would excite them and motivate them to buy.  And then identify at least two secondary or supporting promises that makes it the lead promise even more exciting and meaningful to them.

Here is a good lead promise from a customer of mine in the event photography business (taking key pictures at key moments like graduations, confirmations, first communions, etc. that are difficult for the parents to take themselves.  It’s important to note that the key customer is not the parents, it’s the college president, pastor, and school principal officiating at the ceremony.

“You won’t even notice we’re there”

It’s not about the features and benefits of the photography company which is good pictures, available fast, and good prices.  It’s about what is important to the officiator, that photography is a distraction to them that they really don’t want to be bothered with.

I won’t share the supporting promise because it would be giving the store away.

Notice the focus on the customer.  It’s meaningful to them.  It makes them want to buy.  It addresses what they need and want.

The Brand Promise is not about what you think, it’s about what the customers think.