We all know that we don’t want to commoditize our product or service, unless we have serious cost of production advantages, ones that are hard to duplicate.

Why then as entrepreneurs do we keep trying to commoditize our people?

“Commoditize” isn’t usually a term to apply to our staff.  In fact we so often go lengths to say that our biggest advantages are our people.  But do we really mean it?

To me, commoditizing an employee, and by extension the entire team, we put him/her into a box and restrict what they do to just one or two repetitive actions, reducing the brain work to repetition.  No growth, no learning, no judgment to develop.  No value to add to the company as they grow.  They are here to do one thing, and only one thing, and they best do that one thing well.   De-valuing the employee and by extension the team.  Cheapening their value to the team.

I know, there is no such thing as someone who isn’t expendable.  And people need to be accountable to and have primary responsibilities for their positions.

What are you doing to make your employees more valuable?  So that you can make your product or service more valuable?