One of the things we are good at as human beings is noticing patterns; one of the things we are so good at is noticing them to soon and with limited data points.

One data point and you have an anecdote.

Two data points and you have a coincidence.

Three or more you might have a trend.

Act accordingly.

The best way to fight this is to track the key data points on you business in a spread sheet, that is reviewed each week, by everyone, not just the department feeding the data.

Better yet, print out the spreadsheet without out the last data points and then tell the team verbally and make them write in the new numbers.  When you do this, whether you like or not, you start doing instant comparisons to the data from previous week.  Instant analysis without asking for it.  It’s low tech but forces the digestion of the data.  You want this.

You’ll make better decisions.