….or delivered….or consumed?

Usually the answer is that you don’t really want to know.  And when you are the consumer, that just might be true.  You ultimately want to know that it tastes good and if you don’t know how it’s made, that’s fine with you.

If you are the sausage maker, it’s a different story.  Especially if you are the owner of the sausage making company.

You want to know that it’s being made right.

You want to know that it is packaged and sold correctly.

You want to know how your customers are enjoying it (or not enjoying it as the case may be).

So let’s go back to my rhetorical question in the title of this post.  My next couple of blog posts will be addressing this subject.

Do you know how your sausage (product, service) is being made? Delivered? Consumed?

Why not?