Not talking about about being a balanced individual, just having alignment between your heart and head.

Working with entrepreneurs and business owners I realize that being a ‘balanced” individual might just be too difficult.  But one can align their heart and heads.  And in doing so, become much more effective leaders, strategizers, and executionists.

When your head and heart aren’t right, running your company can seem overwhelming.  Most CEOs and owners just throw themselves entirely into the business, and do pretty well with it.  That’s why I’m pleased with the new One Page Personal Plan that Gazelles has developed.  It’s one of the new Gazelles Growth Tools released in conjunction with Scaling Up Verne Harnish’ update of the Rockefeller Habits.

It’s not a a personal strategic plan.  Just an organizer for the rest of your life, so that one is not entirely defined by their companies.  Helps you determine the relationships you want to leave a legacy for and how to spend your time building them.  Works in tandem with the One Page Strategic Plan for your business.

Download the full set of Gazelles Growth Tools here.  At the bottom of the page.

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