rock, sandWhen we talk about someone’s head being in the sand, the image that usually comes to mind is the ostrich standing still and burrowing its head into a hole and being oblivious to everything around it.

Let’s take that idea and apply it to the Rock & Sand model from my book.

Let’s review the terminology.  Sand are all the transactional oriented activities that add up to sales and profits.  This is urgent.

Rocks are the initiatives and projects that make you better at pushing the sand.  This is important.

So when I ask, “Is your head in your sand?”  I’m really asking if you are caught up in the day to day because it’s urgent and you can do it, instead of focusing on the projects that will deliver growth.

So is the reason you are stressed, stalled, dissatisfied, confused, worn out, etc. because your head is in “your” sand?