Setting Expectations.

But let’s face it, quite often we don’t do this or if we do, we don’t do it so well.

We can’t just tell people what they should be doing (the traditional job description and review process).

We have to tell them how them how to win or score.  (Scorecards–TopGrading terminology).

First step–Define the desired outcome for a position or person, the results an “A” player in the position would deliver at the top of his game.  These outcomes should be tied to your strategic plan.  (There is a bit more to it than just this, such as laying out the activities that generate the results.)

Second step–Communicate the Scorecard and get agreement on it.  Maybe negotiate on it a little bit.  Lay out the commitments that both need to do to deliver the results.  (Yes you have a part in this too, delivering the tools needed, education needed, feedback, knocking out roadblocks.)

Third step–Check in on the Scorecard regularly: weekly if possible, every other week, monthly.  This provides feedback, reinforcement, inspiration.  Set the plan and commitments for the next period for both of you.

Fourth step–Keep doing the third step.

Notice that this requires regular conversation.  That’s the tough part. But if you want success, it’s necessary.