What get’s measured gets gone.  It’s a business truism that I truly believe in.  Thank you Peter Drucker.

I believe in measuring things and putting great metrics in place.  Wouldn’t, couldn’t be a successful Gazelles Coach if I didn’t believe in this.  I help CEOs and executive teams define good leading indicator metrics all the time.

I have a caveat to this.  If you just put in metrics, without understanding the process that you are measuring, you are just putting pressure on your team.

Say you put a speed metric in place.  And a quality metric.  “We need to do this faster and with higher quality.  These are the numbers you need to strive for….”  You are only asking people to work harder and faster and better.

The real improvements in those metrics come from looking at all the elements in process and making improvements in the elements and how they come together.

In other words you have to understand how the sausage is made.

Thanks for you patience with my meat packing theme of my last four posts.