Okay, I’m going public with this.  I’m doing Weight Watchers.  Need to lose the “Front Porch.”  I won’t be sharing why I am all of a sudden motivated to do this (but if you pay attention to my posts and Facebook, you’ll probably figure it out).

I’m using the Weight Watchers app on my phone, iPad and PC.  Checking in each day to update my activities (or non activities depending upon how you look at it as of eating right or eating less) and exercise.  Just posting, if you are hitting the daily numbers, is tremendously encouraging.  And you can adjust later in the day or week to make up for getting it wrong.  It gets you focused on what you have to do each day and each meal to get your results.

But the thing I like about it is that it tells me to check in on results only once a week.  That way you focus on what to do each day that works, and then check in on results once a week and then adjust the plan for the next week.  I’m not looking at the scale everyday.

That really is the key to execution.  To do lists daily that are part of a weekly plan.  Check in on the results of the to dos on Monday.  Adjust accordingly.  Don’t need to look at the numbers everyday as long as the to dos are getting done.

By the way I lost 6 pounds last week.