Or maybe the better question is how does your team play your game?

Some teams are highly collaborative with much dependence between teammates–like football.

Some teams are like cross country teams, each member runs their own race and times are added up to determine results.

Some teams are like basketball teams, lots of flow and ebb but often a situation where one superior player really carries each game and the others support him.

And others are like baseball teams.  Everyone throws, catches, runs, and hits but in different ways dependent on the inning or the position.

So don’t you think it would be wise to figure out the kind of game your team is required to play and then lead and coach them accordingly.

What would be your outcome as a team leader if you are coaching your “golf” team to play in a golf tournament where each player’s total scores are merely added up when in actuality they are playing match play in an alternate shot tournament (akin to the second round of the Ryder Cup)?