Sometimes things don’t feel right.  The hum of the office or floor or store or department just seems out of kilter, off, out of whack.

You can “feel” that something or things are amiss.   And worse, you are the only one who “feels” it.

If you “feel” this way you need to trust your intuition. Something is probably not right.   And you need to go about setting it right.

Like my analogy from my last post, you can’t really “feel” things from the press box.  So if how things “feel” is important to success you have got to get out in the office, floor, store, or department.

Furthermore, you need to teach others the “feel” of your intuition or instinct.  Can’t do this in the press box either (voicemail, email, text).  You’ve got to get out there with your lieutenants and teach them what to look for or sense.  You have to be present with the lieutenant to do this.  And create tools that help him develop his own “feel” or intuition or instinct that aligns with yours.

It requires face time.  Side by side time.  Windshield time.

It’s called mentoring.