Go ahead.  Name one successful college or pro football coach that won a  championship coaching his team from the press box.  I’m not talking about a short stint in the press box because the coach was injured or recovering from an illness.  I’m talking about full time coaching, every play, every game, all season long, many seasons in a career in the press box.


Guess what, you can’t coach or lead your team from the press box either.  In the business world “press box” equates to “email, voicemail, texts.”

Coaching and leading requires that relationships be built.  Strong relationships.  That requires face time and dialogue.  To establish the relationships and to build them.

Emails and texts and voice mails are good at conveying information and maybe calling the plays.  But they work very poorly for dialogue.

You can use them to relay information, keeping people posted on progress, even a bit of feedback.  But not the dialogue that build relationships.

So ask yourself, are you leading or coaching your team from the press box? Do you ever come out of the press box?

If you want your team to be successful, they need to see your face and hear your voice and dialogue with you.