5 Books for Business Growth

Here it is, my “5 Books to Read in 2016 to Unleash the Growth in your Company” list.  These are the four books that have enlightened me the most in the past year, are practical, and will make a difference in your organization.  The fifth book is another favorite of mine.

  • Uplifting Service, by Ron Kaufman — Finally, a book full of concrete examples, based on concrete methodology, that will make concrete improvements in the service you provide to your customers.  No matter the segment, no matter how good you are or aren’t at customer service right now, this book will be helpful.
  • 2 Second Lean, by Paul Akers  — Lean process is the way to go.  Love it.  Most books on Lean read like academic textbooks.  This one doesn’t.  It’s written by a guy who uses lean process in his company, not a lean consultant.  You’ll get it.
  • Buyer Personas, by Adele Revella  — A lot has been written about using buyer personas to create marketing content and messaging.  This book covers it all.  Maybe too much.  Every stinking little detail about how to do this is in this book, making it seem a bit pedantic at times. However, burrowing in to this book will help you to improve your marketing so customers will come to you.
  • The Second Decision, by Randy Nelson — A great book for all entrepreneurs, especially those that struggle with leading their companies. The entrepreneur will learn what the CEO needs to know and do and then figure out whether he/she should be that CEO or not.

And of course, I recommend reading and implementing the following book to really unleash your growth.

Rock & Sand: A Practical Insight to Business Growth, by Michael Synk 

Read, learn, grow and get In-Synk in 2016!