88 Hours Invested or Wasted?

Concerning time invested, someone recently questioned the wisdom of having a strategic planning session for the new year, saying, “Isn’t that 88 hours of wasted time, when those 9 people could be working?”

That’s an interesting point of view.  This person saw no value in spending time aligning the team around the goals for the coming year.  They should just be doing their jobs.

My reply?  “Could you think of this as 88 hours invested in moving the company forward?”

Besides getting a plan down that everyone is aligned on and  committed to, the following occurs when you hold a good annual planning session:

  • The team dynamic improves
  • Future leaders develop their leadership chops
  • The team becomes more productive and collaborative
  • The rocks get moved

All of a sudden they saw the session as an investment and the meeting was scheduled, and the team is making it happen.

Have you scheduled your annual planning session?

Available November 12th?  I’m having a public workshop that day to help teams to create their annual plan. 6 companies are currently signed up.  Room for more.


Make the investment.  Move your company forward.