Are You a Bottleneck in Your Company? Team Work & Leadership & CEO Managers & Planning for Business Growth

One way to unleash growth is to be relentless in finding and then ferreting out the bottlenecks that exist in your organization.

I assure you the bottlenecks are there.  They crop up naturally and continually and they eventually end up dampening growth.

Here are some hints for identifying the bottlenecks

  • Bottlenecks occur when the people are in the wrong seats.
  • Bottlenecks exist where poor processes get all jammed up.
  • Bottlenecks very often come down from the top of the organization (take a look at a bottle, the bottle neck is at the top, then take a look in the mirror and make sure you aren’t the bottleneck or are creating them by letting people stay in the wrong seats or insisting on following poor processes).

Here’s the reverse of the above.  Great people put in great processes and constantly tweak them to improve them.

Get your great people together and have them review and tweak the processes  you have in place.

Having measurements on all your processes and projects and having weekly meetings to discuss progress on both, also makes bring bottlenecks to the fore a routine process.  I call that good meeting rhythm.

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