One can’t create growth in an organization (or in an economy, but let’s put my political opinions to the side) by cutting your way to it.

Which doesn’t mean I’m against cutting.  I’m all for cutting waste from the budget, or actions and processes that don’t generate anything.  But with the cuts must come the commitment that the saved cash is spent on actions and strategies that generate new customers/products and with them, new revenues.

Cash is king, and without having any to spend, growth can become next to impossible.

Cut to create cash, then commit the cash to something that creates growth.

[Let’s get back to my political opinions, cut the  waste, but spend the saved cash on something that will create growth.  Cutting taxes does not equate with cutting waste and the saved cash most often doesn’t go to growth, trickle down has never been shown to work.  So cut the waste in government (include the military where most of the waste exists), apply the saved cash to efficient job growth initiatives , make taxes fair to all].

If all you are doing is cutting, don’t expect growth to follow.