Does Culture Trump Strategy

It’s almost a cliche it’s said so often, but I’ve been challenging my thinking on this and asking the question, “Does culture trump strategy?”

I have come to the conclusion that it does, but only when the culture is enhancing and creating talent that lives the culture.

One bad apple (meaning someone not living the culture) can spoil the whole damn bunch.  Leaders of growth companies must be acting firmly and quickly to build culture. They must enforce it as well.  Too often, the allure of the results that would be driven by a motivated and hard working performer, who is also a bad actor culturally, is a temptation that can’t be resisted.

How one gets the results (cultural fit) is as important, if not more so, as the results a candidate can produce.

When you hire for culture and let the culture create great talent,  culture trumps strategy.

Work on your culture as much as you work on creating a great strategy.  It will pay off.

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