The drainpipe is flowing freely and still stalled on growth?

My last post focused on self imposed blockages to the drainpipe (capacity for getting the work done) and the need to remove the clogs to increase the flow of work.  The pipe is clear and staying clear.  Now what does one do when lots of water (work) remains in the tub and the drain can only handle so much flow.   You can’t jam all the water (work) down the pipe at once or you’ll burst the pipe.

BucketStart bailing the water (work) into buckets.  Set the buckets aside.  Decide on which bucket to pour down the open drain first.  Then the next bucket, and the next bucket, and the next bucket after that.  (Okay, I’ll admit this analogy doesn’t work quite so well here and my Rock & Sand analogy is better).

Here’s what I really mean.

Prioritize the work and coordinate the efforts of all around one or two of the priorities at a time, instead of working on all of them equally.  One thing is for sure, if you try to work on all the priorities as if they are all important at the same time you won’t get very far on any of them.