A short follow up to the last Eleven Rings post:  Jackson’s Bulls and Lakers decided (or called) their own plays.

At almost no point in the book, do you hear about Jackson calling the plays.  He might call time out.  He might call attention to something that isn’t working.  He might suggest that a certain player end up with the ball.

But he doesn’t call the plays.  Not even set plays that they may have practiced for a special inbounds play or a last second shot.  He lets the players call these plays.

Most of his coaching is about playing faster or slower, or about setting up the match ups and some basic direction.

That’s what we all want within our organizations.  A little more of this, a little less of this.  Work on this with that person.  Get this person to help with that task.  And let them do it.  They’ll figure it out.

A lot of work is required to get to this level of execution.  Teach and educate relentlessly, and reinforce it all.  And trust that they will figure it out.  Because they will.

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