Another thing that strikes me from Eleven Rings is Phil Jackson’s emphasis on strategy and process.

He had a definite way he wanted the Bulls and the Lakers to play basketball.  He wanted them to play the triangle offense.  And he spent a large amount of meticulous time making sure the entire team knew how to play it.  Without doing a chalk talk on the triangle, it’s suffice to say that there is a specific process to playing it.  If this happens, then you do this, when something else happens you do this.  The players and the ball move around the court in a prescribed manner.

The triangle guides the way the team thinks and acts.  And applies to almost all situations that may come up in the game.  By adopting it and living in on the court, the players can make all the decisions on what to do without looking at the bench for the coach to call a play.  And if something out of the ordinary comes up, the triangle allows the team to make good decisions on the fly that usually deliver results.

That’s what you want in your company’s strategy.  A well thought out strategy and a process to follow in executing it.  One that guides all players on your team on how to make the decisions correctly on the fly.  Everyone committed to it.  And provides for handling the outlier situations that will occur. A strategy and process that people can live and act on.

You probably don’t have to meticulously practice the strategy as much as meticulously communicate it and meticulously reinforce it.

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