Got a Fitbit for Christmas.  A Fitbit zip to be exact.  Ended up providing me with yet another analogy for setting priorities and measuring progress on them.

My Fitbit  automatically measures how many steps I take each day and provides feedback to me via an app on how I’m doing on that measurement.  The goal for each day being to take at least 10,000 steps a day.  It also lets me enter in how many calories I have eaten, and how much other exercise I’ve done. And a few other things.

The key outcome I want to achieve each day is the 10,000 steps each day, somehow, someway.

As I proceed through the day I can’t help but check in on my dashboard and see how I’m doing.

And then I find I am trying to figure out ways to take more steps.  Recently, I decided to walk to my weekly Rotary Meeting instead of drive.  Nice day, needed a break from the brain work I was doing, so why not.  5000 steps taken.

Right now, as I write this blog, I know I’m at 7000 total for the day, and I’m thinking about what other adjustment I need to make to get to 10,ooo: a quick work out, a walk around the block.

Think about the power of that dashboard on my phone and laptop.  And if you had a similar dashboard for the priority you have for this quarter and the activities that have to get done to nail the priority.  Checking in weekly to see the progress.  And the adjustments made because of the results.

Sounds like the Rockefeller Habits to me.

Have a priority, and way to measure progress, and meetings to check in and adjust.