A friend, who shall remained nameless for now, talking about the seemingly slow growth of his organization, explained the following, “The Drainpipe just isn’t big enough for the volume of water we deal with to flow through.”

I thought about it a bit. Good analogy.  This organization has a lot of water flowing through it.  And it’s not like he can just instantly expand the capacity of his drainpipe.  Or can he?

PlungerNot being a plumber, but having had much experience opening up clogged drains in sinks, toilets and bathtubs, I know that drainpipes clog up fairly regularly with soap scum, excess hair, and other debris.   And when flushed out with the plunger, or pulled out with the snake, or dissolved with drain cleaner, the water flows fully once again.

So the question becomes, for every business leader, what is your equivalent of your soap scum,  excess hair, and debris that is clogging up the flow of your business.  And what will you do on a regular basis to get that stuff out of the way.

Before you go adding capacity (installing a bigger pipe) you just might want to unclog the one you got.