In the past three months, it seems that “Intention” and “Intentionality” come up in all my conversations.  Is the teammate acting with good intention? Is she acting with intentionality?  Although the root of both words is identical, the meanings and use are very different. Let’s clear up the confusion.

The first word,  “Intention”  is all about motive.  “What is the intent of this action?  “He/she has good intentions.”  I don’t understand the intention of this action.”

The second word,  “Intentionality” is about initiative.  Acting pro-actively instead of reactively.  Not by accident,  being ready,  having a plan, acting with the purpose of moving the ball forward.

Good intentions are great and required, and I believe, maybe naively, that most people have good intentions.  They want to do well and succeed.  But good intentions are not enough.

Intentionality makes things happen.  Your teammates and organization need it if you really want to grow.  The leader needs to demand and direct intentionality.