“If it doesn’t feel awkward you probably aren’t leading.” It was the most meaningful quote of the presentation.

It came toward the end of David Marquet’s session titled,  “Turn the Ship Around, How to Create Leadership at Every Level.”  The session was full of insights and advice on how leadership really happens, based on his experiences as commander of first, the best submarine in the US Navy, and second, the worst submarine in the US Navy which subsequently became the best submarine in the US Navy.

For all the insights and tips go to this Gazelles Growth Academy link and order the presentation.

At the end of it you get to my opening quote.  What David said basically is this.  “The natural thing to do is to just do what ever task it is yourself.  It’s easy, it’s what everyone naturally wants to do.  But that isn’t leading.  The unnatural thing to do is to get someone else or a team to do it.  That requires effort and listening, and that’s not natural.  It’s awkward.”

“If it isn’t awkward you probably aren’t leading.  If it is, you probably are. “