Whatever you faith, the holiday season is a time of reflection: on your faith, your family, your impact on the world, the legacy you will be leaving.  So as my Christmas gift to entrepreneurs and business leaders this season, I’m giving you a question to ponder and a free downloadable form that will lead you through an exercise to help organize that pondering.

The question:  “What will your legacy be?

It’s a question that leads to so many more questions.  Who will you leave it for?  What could your legacy be?  Is the legacy the business you have created or are currently building?  Or, does the legacy come from the fruits of the labor of creating and building a business?   Does the legacy provide meaning to your life?

Quite frankly we spend so much time building the business, pondering and planning it’s growth, that we fail to ask ourselves the question of why are we doing what we are doing.

The form:  It’s the One Page Personal Plan from Gazelles.  Download it here.

Let the form lead you through your thoughts on legacy, and capture them on the form.

  • Start with the “Relationships” box, and define who you will be leaving a legacy for (can’t leave a legacy for yourself).
  • Proceed across the top of the form, and fill in what you can in “Achievements” (for your relationships), “Rituals” (to build your relationships) and “Wealth” (how much is needed to leave legacies for your relationships).
  • Decide what you can actually do in the next 90 days to move forward on what is listed.
  • Set a calendar appointment, and come back in 90 days and see how well you have done.
  • One doesn’t win by having all the boxes filled but by doing what you can in the boxes that you can fill out.

Merry Christmas.