face to face coaching cropAll the advertisements about voice mail, email, texting, and social media give the impression that these move your business along faster and without them you’ll fail to grow. However, without good dialog before using them, they tend to muck things up and slow one’s growth.

These are great tools, and I endorse them.  I use them regularly to speed up the pace of my practice.  Yet I’m finding that without dialog to create alignment, these tools regularly get in the way.

By dialog, I mean the interactive conversation that occurs between leaders and teammates, and between company and customers that defines the problems or opportunities and then sets up alignment, commitment and follow through.  These continue to be best done face to face, or at least ear to ear.

Email, voice mail, texting, and social media are great tools for driving execution, confirming actions, sharing information and work.  But they are abysmal at creating alignment, gaining commitment and defining action.  To make them work for you, dialog has to come first.

The objection to dialog works like this,  “I’m too busy for this, let’s do it by email and text.” Everyone agrees and starts down the path of delay, confusion, miscommunication, and frustration with results.  But they are very busy doing things that don’t add up.

Do the dialog upfront and each week, creating alignment, gaining commitment, and defining action.  Then do the on-line interaction.  You’ll see things speed up.

At Gazelles, we call this meeting rhythm.  It works.