Are Your Meetings Tools or Events? Business Leadership & Management, Team Training

Think, for a moment about the meetings you hold to run your company:  are they tools or events?

Some meetings are events, those held to celebrate success or to roll out a new initiative.  Yet, I encourage you to also think about these meetings and all other meetings as tools.

Tools have specific purposes.  Your meetings should have defined specific purposes as well.

Tools are used to make adjustments, repairs and improvements.   Are your meetings being used to make adjustments, repairs or improvements?

When you view a meeting purely as an event, you fall into the trap needing to do a performance or needing to be entertained.  When you view a meeting as a tool,  it’s about getting something done and getting down to work.

Turn your meetings into tools.  Define the purpose, use them to make adjustments, repairs and improvements, get down to work during them.

You’ll find your team moving forward faster and with more intent.

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