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I regularly say this to clients is this:  “If you want to create forward progress, your team has to see the motion in the numbers.”  And I ask them to report the numbers, both the leading indicators and the outcomes in ways that can be analyzed instantly without really having to do the math.  Conversations like the following ensue.

“This number is up. And up more than last week, that’s good.”

“This number is behind last period’s, that’s not so good.”

“When this number (leading indicator) goes up, I can see that this other number (outcome) follows.”

“What can we (I)  do to make this number move to where it needs to be?”

When my clients comply with this practice, they find that staff engagement increases and growth comes with it.

It’s most important to do this with leading indicators, the numbers that represent the actions taken that should produce the desired outcomes.  These are the numbers the team can control.  And they are the ones that make the difference.  And one of the biggest motivators is being able to see that one’s efforts are making the difference.

So take some time before your next meeting when you report the numbers, take some time to figure out how to make the motion in the numbers come alive.

Lots of ways to do this.  I feel another blog post coming….

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