1-10-100 It's Your Choice, Meeting Planning, Strategy, Business Time Investment, Cost

At breakfast this morning a friend relayed to me the 1 – 10 – 100 model that he tries to follow when managing the projects that lay in front of him and his staff.

He can spend ONE hour ahead of time creating a detailed plan with his team upfront, creating clarity and alignment on the project.


He ends up spending TEN hours of time during the project correcting, redirecting, clarifying things all through the project so it will come to fruition successfully.  When he fails to do that as well….

He ends ups spending 100 hours (he and his team) redoing the whole damn thing.

It’s worth thinking about.

Establishing an effective meeting rhythm for your company so you and your teammates can regularly have that ONE hour can save you a ton of time, energy and money down the line. It can make everyone more productive. When people don’t partake in the ONE hour because it just takes too much time, it can cost you much more.

There’s a section in my video, Rock & Sand: A Practical Insight to Business Growth, titled “Meeting Rhythm Makes it Happen.” It’s the last section if you want to jump right to it. Might be worth a little time if you have difficulty doing the one hour that saves all the rest.