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It was probably the best quote from any of the speakers during  my recent trip to the Scaling Up Summit in Atlanta, “B2B or B2C, it’s all H2H.”

The speaker was David Chiles, author of the book Your Presentation is a Joke: How to Use Humor in Your Presentation to Increase Engagement and Likability. He’s a former comedian, and he was teaching the dynamics of comedy and how to infuse humor into all of your presentations. The basic idea is that humor, done well, increases the effectiveness of persuasion.

Yes, I learned a few tricks about using humor to catch people’s attention. It can be used to appear more likable and even to make an important point. Those are all good when it comes to persuading your audience, don’t you think?

His advice goes far beyond humor as it relates to presentations, though.

The higher and more important point to remember is that everything in business (and probably every thing else in life) is about people. Human to human, H2H. Humans transact business with humans, even in the B2B setting. Humans create the products and services you sell. Humans buy and use the products you sell. Humans are a part of every aspect of business.

Let’s keep that in mind in this ever increasingly dehumanized world.