Unlock Your $20,000 Vault for $2500 - Cash Flow for Growth

Seems as though the answer is obvious. Who wouldn’t want an 800% return on investment if you could be fairly certain it would be delivered? We all want better cash flow in our businesses.

Think of it another way. If you’re asked, “Do you want to unlock this vault that contains $20,000?”, you might have a few questions of your own. What if you were told that all you had to do was pay $2500 for the person to show you how to unlock and open the vault? After unlocking the vault, you keep whatever was in it knowing that it’s more than $2500. You have to do some work actually unlocking and opening it, but you’ve been shown how and you reap all the rewards! That’s what a Cash Flow Tune-Up is for a business.

On a regular basis, I’ve been finding ways to create that much more cash from my clients’ businesses. Usually, I find more.

For a couple of months now, during Cash Flow Tune-Ups with my clients, we’ve found opportunities to create more cash for the business in every instance. These opportunities don’t require a major overhaul of the business or its strategy. No big initiatives, no expansion into new customer markets, no building new product lines, no major revamping of internal processes are required.

I do an extensive analysis of where the cash is flowing in to and out of the business, as well as where some of it is parked. Often, unintentionally, we’ll find some of that parked money that can be reallocated. Then, I facilitate a strategic skull session with the leaders of the firm. We determine a couple of “One Percent Solutions” (one percent tweaks to existing processes)” that free up the cash. “One Percent Solutions” are one percent tweaks made to existing processes. When cash is freed up, it can be invested in real growth opportunities like the ones described above.

The Cash Flow Tune-Up deliverable is a “who, what, when” of practical items to implement that create more cash, $20,000 or more.

It’s a big return for a small investment. Unlock the vault and keep the contents.

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Let’s create some cash for your business to invest in growth.