Is There Cash Hiding In Your Business? If You Could Find More Cash, What Would You User It For?

What would you do with more cash if you found it within your business? For most business owners that’s a pretty easy question to answer.  Most owners would say that they would reinvest this newly found cash in a way to create substantially more growth.

Lack of cash is one of the biggest and most common constraints to business growth. Cash is the fuel for growth, but growth sucks up cash. Run out of cash, and your business stalls. If this happens, it really doesn’t matter how good your strategy is.

I recently conducted a Cash Flow Tune-Up for one of my clients who is a design and research firm. We pulled information from their P & Ls, as well as numbers from their balance sheets from the last three years. We analyzed the numbers, creating a report of exactly how the cash flows in and out of his business. Then, we found opportunities from what I call “One Percent Solutions” to create $36,040 in cash by making some simple tweaks to some of the company’s procedures. After some more brainstorming, we turned one of the “One Percent Solutions” into a ten percent solution to create $106,369 in cash in the coming year.

So, in this case, what would you do with an additional $36,040? This client is using that found money to pay the salary of an intern who will be working hard adding new prospects into the research project funnel that will result in even more growth.

I can’t guarantee the exact same outcome for you, but I’m pretty sure by doing a Cash Flow Tune-Up we can find significantly positive cash improvement for your company.

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Let’s create some cash for your business to invest in growth.