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Okay, what I really mean is that complexity kills growth.  It’s paradoxical.

When your business grows, complexity comes with it.  That complexity, if not addressed, is what kills or stalls the growth. A great leader must be ready for what accompanies growth.

The complexity that accompanies growth is natural.  MORE people, MORE processes, MORE products, MORE customers, MORE expenses just go along with MORE business. What also needs to accompany growth is an ongoing effort to combat the complexity. It’s not realistic to eliminate it, but instead work to get a handle on it.

You will need clear communication, clear direction from a very clear and evolving strategic plan, as well as clear measurements on execution that give further direction.  It’s an endless battle that must be fought.

The battle is mostly internal.  Outside challenges, obstacles and opportunities create a variety of complexities. These complexities can only be dealt with internally. So, as the leader of your organization your main priority becomes making complexity easy to deal with and more simple to understand.  When you are able do this, you unleash growth from your company.  You keep complexity from killing you.

Rock & Sand provides a framework for killing the complexity that stalls your growth.  Pick up the book, the video, or the Rock & Sand Strategy Tools. Now, get curious about handling complexity.