Remembering Your Core Values / Which Acronym is better SEAR or ARSE? / #GetInSynk / Michael Synk / In-Synk

You’ve identified your core values for your company. What comes next? One of the best things you can do with your list of core values is to organize them into an acronym in order to make them memorable and repeatable. I recommend this to all of my strategic planning clients.

Recently, I was particularly amused and delighted. One of my clients came up with not only one acronym but two for the same set of core values.

The original was SEAR. It stands for Sustainabilty from farms to families, Exceed the need, All for one, and Relationships not transactions. It’s a pretty good acronym. SEAR is easy to remember. It’s also tied to their specific business which is a cooperative for farmers growing pasture raised beef, pork and chicken. Very clever, don’t you think?

Why the second acronym, ARSE?  Because, the pick and pack and processing staff just couldn’t really relate to it. They did relate to “Don’t be an ARSE, live these core values.” Different acronym, but it’s the same core values. All for one, Relationships not transactions, Sustainability from farms to families, and Exceed the need just put a different way.

Core values need to be communicated in a way that engages your employees. For the management staff, SEAR worked well but didn’t work so well for the processing staff. That team connected with ARSE.

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Just for fun, comment with your vote for the acronym that you connect with more. Do you like SEAR or ARSE better? Also, let me know if your company has a particularly good acronym for remembering core values.