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Do you WORK like a farmer?

I recently had the privilege of working with a farmers’ cooperative, helping them create a strategic plan and developing the execution habits to support it.  Great experience.  I think all entrepreneurs would do better if they picked up a few attributes from  farmers.

First, hard work is part of being a farmer. It comes with the territory. There are early mornings, long days, loads of obstacles, and daily work that needs to be done no matter what. It’s quite clear to me that farmers have a higher threshold for hard work than most everyone else.

Second, collaboration is a habit. Farmers have shared equipment, shared supplies, shared effort, and shared emergencies.  “What do you need? We’ll figure it out. Let’s get it done.”

Furthermore, this group is self aware.  They know what they know, but more importantly they know what they don’t know and aren’t shy about admitting to it.  No egos make them welcoming of insights and assistance.

Finally, they are smart and love to laugh, too.

Can’t wait until my next coaching session with them.

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