Great or Best: Which is Better? In business, what do you strive for? Business Growth #GetInSynk

When creating and setting your strategic plan, is it better to strive to be great or the best?

I suggest you don’t set your sights on being the best, alone.

Being the best in your industry, or segment, or sandbox, or city certainly is a laudable goal. But, it only means that you are at the top of the heap. Said another way, you’re the leader of the pack.

The problem with this could be that the pack doesn’t subscribe to reaching a high standard or in other words, have the bar set very high.

The bar you have to clear to be the best might not be high at all, especially if those with whom you are competing aren’t all that fierce of competition.  It’s kind of like striving to be the best Department of Motor Vehicles. (Please forgive me if you work for the DMV.)

Try to define your goals and objectives around what it takes to be great at something. Look at companies or organizations that are recognized. These companies stand out; they are differentiated. They are operating at a different level and playing a different game. Real growth comes from striving to be great.

Being the best might be the first step to becoming great.

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