Adopt a Meaningful Meeting Mindset - #GetInSynk, Meeting Rhythm, meaningful meetings

We’ve all been in horrible meetings at work, so much so that I’m starting an “Adopt a Meaningful Meeting Mindset” campaign.

Okay, as a Gazelles International Coach and a Master of the Rockefeller Habits, all of you know I’ve been waging this campaign for years. Great meetings and great meeting rhythm are at the heart of the Rockefeller Habits. It drives collaboration and execution. It’s not just something Verne Harnish suggests in his two books, Mastering the Rockefeller Habit and Scaling Up. Other experts confirm the validity of Verne’s suggestions. Specifically, Pat Lencioni in Death By Meetings and Jeff Sutherland in Scrum.  

So what do I mean by “Meaningful Meeting Mindset”? A question posed on Facebook by a friend is what got me started on this. He asked the following question:

“If you implemented a ‘get up and leave if it’s meaningless to you’ rule for your work meetings, what would you do differently at your next meeting?”

Ponder that question for a moment or two.  Here’s what I would do:

  1. Have a real tight agenda focused on accomplishing or deciding real things.
  2. Get the “Company Picnic” type of items off the agenda.
  3. Make sure the people invited or required at the meeting really do need to be there.
  4.  Start on time; end on time.

Do you have a Meaningful Meeting Mindset? What you you do to adopt the Meaningful Meeting Mindset?

The last two chapters in the book Rock & Sand discuss Meeting Rhythm as well as the final segment of the video. Check it out.