Show your team the motion of your company to get them motivated. Teamwork increases with motivation.

Do you want a motivated team? Help them see the motion in your business.

The research has been done on this (summarized very well in Drive, by Daniel Pink).  And the research runs counter to what tons of business people think or do regarding the motivation of their employees.

Here’s the basics.  There are three situations when people are really motivated.

  1. People are motivated when they have a degree of autonomy over their work. In other words, there’s more motivation when they are in control of their work and aren’t micro managed.
  2. People are motivated when they are learning something. Think about how motivated you were when you were learning a new sport or hobby and you couldn’t wait to play or do it again. It’s because you were learning how to play or do it.
  3. Finally, people are motivated when they know that their efforts are paying off adding up to something bigger.  When you know something you did made a difference, you are motivated to do it again.

Number three is the situation that relates to the title of this post.  When you show your team, some way, some how, that their efforts are moving your company forward (MOTION), it motivates them to do more or find other ways to move the company further. There are lots of ways to do this, and they go way beyond just reporting the results (although I have to admit that I’m surprised how many companies never share their results).

Respond to this post with ways you have successfully made the motion visible to motivate your team.

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