New Year's Wisdom

Concerned about unleashing the growth from within your organization in 2016? Take a good look at the golden oldie The One Minute Manager, by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.

Published in 1982, it started the genre of “business fables” presenting business wisdom and advice in the form of a story.  I remember reading upon my first promotion to a leadership position at Kelly Services in Kalamazoo back in the day. I have never forgotten its essential message.

“Catch someone doing something right, and tell them!”

Seems simple enough.  When you apply this practice daily you’ll have engaged, empowered, and effective members of you team that will unleash growth in you organization.

The simplicity of The One Minute Manager begs a couple of questions that are worth exploring.

  • How do/will you know when someone is doing something right?
  • What if no one is doing anything right?
  • Are some things more “right” than others?
  • What’s the best way or ways to tell them they are doing things right?
  • How can I get the team members to be “One Minute Managers” as well?

Good questions.  It’s not just as simple as running around randomly and complimenting people on work well done, although that is better than doing nothing.

In several upcoming blogs and maybe even in an upcoming video, I’ll cover the issues raised by these questions and hopefully be able to provide some guidance.  In the meantime, some of the answers are outlined in Rock & Sand. Both the book and the video are by yours truly.

Looking forward to helping you and your leaders become great “One Minute Managers.”