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Took a look today at this poem Adam J. Maldonado wrote about In-Synk, my book Rock & Sand, and what I do to help businesses.  I met the author, Adam, at some networking event at the Tennessee Brewery.  He was sitting there with his manual typewriter and sign, “Poems $5.”  I sat with him,  and he quickly pounded this out. I realize it perfectly describes In-Synk and what I help entrepreneurs work through.  So here it is:

#1, 6 88

stalled stuck

faster seems impossible.

so look to sync
y ourself
y our

action s
to your words
to y our

and see some

see some growth
in those
dark brooding clouds

the plan
that is perfect
is one that
with the day to day.

I love this poem.  I paid him $10 instead of $5.  It’s on my wall, underneath the picture of my hombre, Dave Barger.

Get Rock & Sand at this link

Thanks again Adam.