3 R and Rs to Build a Strong Company Culture - #GetInSynk

After defining your company’s Core Values, Core Purpose, and Big Harry Audacious Goal, use the 3 “R and Rs” to effectively communicate them to everyone connected to your company.

Of the R and Rs, the first represents Repeat and Remind.  Repeat the Core Values, Core Purpose, and BHAG endlessly: in every meeting of 3 or more of your company, in emails, in newsletters, in voice mail broadcasts.  Also give them Reminders:  posters, tent cards, do-dads and ge-gaws with the Core Values, Core Purpose, and BHAG plastered all over them.  This is how you inform everyone about your company culture and set expectations for them.  But the first “R and R” isn’t enough.  You need to proceed to the second “R and R”

The second “R and R” is Reinforce and Recognize.  You Reinforce your culture when you witness someone living the company culture and tell them you appreciate it.  This will encourage them to repeat similar actions.  But  you need to go a step further and Recognize the action so that others in your company will learn about it as well.  This encourages the teammates to copy this action and live the culture themselves.  It gives them the power to do so.  The second “R and R” is  the most important one, but doesn’t work as well if you haven’t done the first “R and R.”  But the first two are not enough either.  You have to do the third “R and R”

The third “R and R” is Right the wRongs (okay, the third “R and R” is really “R and W”). You have to go further and call out actions being taken that are contrary to the culture and point out the right way to live them.  If you don’t, the team will eventually learn that you don’t really mean the first and second “R and Rs” and will stop living your company culture and it will all fade away.

One final point.  As the leader, you have to live the company culture too.  The company culture is not just for them, it’s for you too.  And if you don’t live it, it sends the message that you don’t believe in your own company culture.

Plenty of advice about defining Core Values, Core Purpose and BHAG is in my book and video Rock & Sand.  Consider reading it to get started on building your strong company culture.

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