Rang Bell - Won't Believe What Happened Next -Business Sales - Discipline - Leadership

I rang the bell; I couldn’t help myself.  There was a Sales Bell on the wall next to the whiteboard where my client visually tracked the sales funnel.  I had never heard the bell.  I was curious about how it sounded.  I rang the bell.

The next thing I knew every senior manager dropped what they had been doing and walked into the conference room.  “What account did you land?”  “Tell me about how you did it?”

I was embarrassed.  Although I was there to provide some coaching on their sales and marketing efforts,  I hadn’t landed any business for them.   I shouldn’t have rung the bell.

Yet I was proud of them.  That was incredible discipline they demonstrated in providing positive reinforcement to their sales staff.  Stop everything, make him tell his story, applaud.

What kind of discipline do you exhibit to your team in providing positive reinforcement for good deeds done in your organization?  Not just in sales but for any good deed done in your company.

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