Is Your Company Satisfactorily Underperforming? #GetInSynk

“Satisfactorily Underperforming” It’s a new term for me from Greg Brennaman, turnaround expert extraordinaire.

I heard him speak for the second time at the Gazelles Growth Summit in Dallas a few of weeks ago. Caught my attention.

Brennaman has successfully lead turnarounds at Continental Airlines, Burger King, and Home Depot.  All of these companies had lost sight of what they needed to do to succeed and were steps away from failure.  I relate these as credentials so that you know that he knows what he is talking about.

During his keynote address, he mentioned that there is another class of companies. He talked about businesses that are not headed to the toilet but are in need of a turnaround.  Those would be what he calls “satisfactorily underperforming” companies. He contends that perhaps the majority of companies in America fall into this category.

“We think they are doing just fine. But, because we’ve never subjected them to a complete checkup, we don’t realize that they have seriously  clogged arteries, (or a malfunctioning gall bladder ;-)…From the outside, all seems well.”

“They live from quarterly earnings report to quarterly earnings report. Although their performances, revenues, and profits all appear tolerable, even adequate, in reality they are performing at levels far below their full capabilities.”

So, how do you know if your company is in this category? You may be only “satisfactorily underperforming” when you could be doing so much more. Why don’t you get a check up or tune-up?

In-Synk offers a menu of tune-ups to help you start the process of getting out of the “satisfactorily underperforming” category.

Choose a Cash Flow Analysis and Tune-Up, a Talent Review and Tune-Up, or a Key Processes Review and Tune-Up or all three combined give you a Complete Business Tune-Up.  Click here for more information.

Any one of the tune-ups are good starting points for turning around your “satisfactorily underperforming” business.