Soft Stuff Creates Concrete Results - Leadership, #GetInSynk, Growth,

So many business leaders malign the “soft stuff” and spend their time searching for the next better mousetrap, or great app, or strategic advantage, or better idea. All of these things are considered the “hard stuff” or the “concrete stuff” of the business world.

I have no argument with that list being the “hard stuff” or “concrete stuff.” Having an advantage of this nature is what we all want.

The “soft stuff” is how you get to or find the “the hard stuff” though. It doesn’t need to be overlooked. The kicker is that the “soft stuff” is hard to do.

So what is the “soft stuff”? It’s the stuff like hiring great people, educating good people into great people, teamwork, team building, communication and dialogue, leading, collaboration, planning, accountability, learning, and building culture.

Spending INTENTIONAL and HABITUAL time on the “soft stuff” gets everyone working on finding the “hard stuff” or “concrete stuff.”

As a strategy and execution coach, my realm is that the “soft stuff” starts with strategy. It delivers concrete measurable results for the CEOs and the organizations I work with. Here are some suggestions and opportunities on how you and your leadership teams can start getting your arms around the “soft stuff.”

  • Pick up copies of Rock & Sand, either the book or the video, and read them or watch it together.C
  • Consider enrolling your team in the newly created School of Rock & Sand. The first cohort begins in late August. There’s room for ten companies.
  • Attend Unleashing Business Growth, a program that Trace Hallowell (Tactical Magic) and I are presenting for the Memphis Business Journal on June 28th.
  • Come to the #GetInSynk Coffee Break on June 15th. It’s about Leadership for Growth. It’s free and online.
  • Call me or email me and lets talk about it.

The “soft stuff” works. All the great growing companies you are familiar with do these things well. Why not you too?