Finding Your Rhythm for Speeding Up Business - In-Synk Executive Coaching, Micheal Synk, #GetInSynk

Yesterday afternoon I had a productive conversation with a client who commented about how everything in his business is “speeding up” in a positive way.

Almost all of his company’s employees work remotely. I was anticipating a comment or two about how the digital age allows them to work better, faster, and more effectively. And because the are remote they are pretty digital savvy, so they are taking advantage of all sorts of technology to run the business.

I’m paraphrasing, but basically here’s what he had to say:

The meeting rhythm you insisted we install and follow has made such a significant difference in our ability to move fast and make decisions faster. We find out about problems and opportunities faster, we act on them faster, and we are getting results faster than ever. This is helping us get to bigger challenges faster and sooner, too.  I had no idea we were missing so much and moving so slowly.

This client has turned “meeting rhythm” into a HABIT. Establishing meetings might feel contrary for speeding up your business, but when those meetings are done right it works. His rhythm consists of a weekly meeting, with a tight agenda, that everyone participates in (remotely, I might add),  a 10 minute daily huddle that everyone participates in (also digitally via Google Hangout), and a face-to-face focused monthly meeting that all attend in person. For three months now, religiously, without exception they’ve been following this rhythm. It’s done in a matter of fact manner, no “wack-a mole” allowed.

Their digital communication that they relied on in the past hid things, unintentionally, but hid them nonetheless. “We’re moving so much faster these days because of the conversations that have become a habit. We’re aligned. We’re acting faster. We’re getting to things faster, and we’re a better team than we were before. Frankly, I’m a bit worried that we might be moving too fast. ”

Music to my ears. That music has a good rhythm.

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